The product range of STÜWE® is as diverse as the individual applications.

  • Bucket Wheel Excavators

    Excavation with the competence of STÜWE®

    A large number of STÜWE® friction connections are used in the drive systems of bucket wheel excavators of all sizes and performance classes. Shrink Discs for mounting the excavator wheel, shrink discs and Shaft Couplings in the drive system of the carriage and Flange Couplings in the drive systems of the conveyor belts.

  • Conveyor Belts

    High dynamic loads occur in the drive train when transporting bulk material via conveyor belt. The drive is connected either by means of a Shrink Disc HSD (slip-on gear) or by Flange Couplings FKH. The friction connections form a durable connection despite high bending moment loads and extreme starting torques.

  • Ship Drive Trains

    High dynamic loads and life-long durability: the high demands in ship propulsion are reliably overcome by Shaft Couplings and Flange Couplings from STÜWE®.

  • Cement Crushers

    Due to their low fitting time the Hydraulic Shrink Disks HYD are frequently used in cement crushers. Thereby the downtime when changing the crushing tool is reduced.
    All STÜWE® shrink disks are suitable for such harsh environmental conditions.

  • Packing Machines

    External Locking Units AS from STÜWE® are ideally suited for the mounting of disk-shaped attachment parts on shafts. The attachment part can be freely positioned on the smooth shaft. The transmission of torque and bending moments as well as axial forces is possible.

  • Textile Machines

    In textile machines the highest requirements are placed on the running precision. Moreover, there is very little space for the fitting of components such as, for example, gear wheels and pulleys. Here the Two-piece Shrink Disk SDG​​​​​​​ is used.

  • Printing Machines

    Constant and reproducible high quality printing with high dynamic loads is expected in printing machines. This is ensured by the Shrink Disc HSDShrink Disks SDG/SGDHExternal Locking Units AS and Shaft Couplings WK/WKL in colour drums and conveyer systems.