Flange Coupling: FKH / FKHA / FKHYD

The STÜWE flange couplings combine the best of the friction shaft-hub connections with the advantages of a flange:

• Reliable transmission of the highest powers and torques,
• Transmission of high dynamic loads,
• Simple and quick assembly and disassembly of the coupling and
• Radial insertion and removal of the flange-mounted component (for example, gearboxes) without axial displacement.

The FKH type flange coupling consists of two flange halves. It serves the purpose of the rigid connection of two shafts. If only one flange half is required, STÜWE offers the FKHA type flange coupling. The FKHYD type flange coupling is a flange coupling half which is hydraulically locked. The hydraulic flange coupling reduces assemble time to a minimum.

CAD models can be obtained from Traceparts and Cadenas.

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Mounting-instruction FKH

Mounting-instruction FKHYD